Are you interested in moving from potential to success?
Are you ready to engage your inner resources?


There is voluminous evidence that the foundation for personal fulfillment, for sustainable professional success, and for improved long-term productivity is directly related to the development of intentional awareness

Pathfinders Coaching and Educational Services provides seminars and personal coaching which develop the inner resources for reducing stress, for resolving conflicts and for living on purpose. We educate professionals to be competent in the following areas:

  • Personal  awareness: exploring how skills such as empathy, integrity, and stress reduction affect perception and behavior
  • Communication: learning how listening and body language are constructed through verbal and non-verbal processes
  • Problem solving: using the conflict resolution skills of creativity and assertiveness for coping with and thriving amidst difficulties
  • Teamwork: building conditions for cooperation and interdependence within and among groups using collaboration, communication, and trust

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