Stress Tip #199: Storytelling While Walking

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With a little bit of attention, we can clearly see how we create meaning about our lives and everything around us. These stories are intended to help us understand and engage appropriately with events. Nonetheless, these stories are constructed and are not to be confused with the facts. We can be more resourceful when we recognize the limitations of our interpretations. One way to playfully observe this storytelling in action is with walking meditation. Begin by feeling the sensations of slowly walking so that you are grounded in the present moment. Then widen your perspective to include the world immediately around you. For each event you notice – a sight, a sound, a sensation, whatever you experience – stop and observe what that thing means to you. What is your story about that thing? Notice if the story is pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. After a moment, let go of the story and continue walking, stopping occasionally to open to your experience and your thoughts about that experience. Do this for several minutes and end by quietly reflecting on your overall experience. What does this reveal about your stories and interpretations?

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