We present seminars that teach individuals and groups how to reduce stress by taking responsibility for their perceptions, words, and actions. Our seminars result in improved productivity, fewer health issues, and higher satisfaction.

We teach people how to live healthier by learning how to live with greater awareness of habits and choices. Employees develop a greater sense of well-being which leads to less turnover and more organizational stability.

We use time-tested techniques based on insightful dialogue, directed introspection, and interactive learning for successfully decreasing anger, improving communication skills, and increasing the collaborative resolution of conflicts.

We are certified coaches who focus on finding what motivates each person and each group toward personal and professional success. Future superstars become responsible and outstanding employees.

Pathfinders Coaching and Educational Services offers seminars and coaching sessions that empower people to:

  • lower their stress levels
  • feel healthier and more content
  • operate at higher energy levels
  • be more creative and cooperative
  • achieve more effective outcomes
  • live and perform at their highest potential

If you need to educate your people, we can provide seminars which you can preview here.

If you need individual coaching for your valuable performers, we can provide the personal attention described here.

  • “This course teaches people how to live. It is a lifestyle course – something you will use in your daily life to improve its quality and so that you can actually be there to enjoy it.”

    anonymous MBST participant