Stress Tip #205: Imperfect Outcomes

The farther away we are from points in the future, the more possible outcomes there are, simply because there are more factors between now and then. The reason I bring this up is to help us deal with how much control we may not have and to accept what we might consider as imperfect because our expectations are not met. In the face of imperfection we tend to make ourselves feel bad. It’s possible to prepare for what we sense the future will bring, and indeed, scenario planning advises us to do that. Wisely, though, scenario planning involves generating multiple responses to multiple reasonable outcomes. Our part in each moment is to be flexible and adaptable, to work with what comes our way, paying close attention to both our inner experience and the outer environment. The outcome may be different from what we want, so given that reality, how much discontent is acceptable and how much do we skillfully strive to reinvent alternative paths to the future?

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