Stress Tip #194: Be There

Sometimes I wish there was another word for mindfulness, as if it was caught up in thinking or having only positive thoughts. The practice of mindfulness is much deeper and yet simpler: we simply observe whatever arises: an event, an emotion, an action, or a thought. Other variations, such as “heartfulness,” are equally limiting, so I tend to rest on a straightforward description of what I practice: sitting with the breath. Or walking with attention. Or wakeful driving. The point here is to pay attention to “what is,” to be fully present to life as it arises in this moment. What arises may be a thought or a feeling or something unpleasant or a momentary delight. I invite you to notice this moment and all that follows. Be there.

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The Book and the Workshops

The 8-week series of Mindfulness-Based Stress and Pain Management sessions will start again in March 2019, on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, so please visit the UNC website for more information about next semester. Additionally, 90-minute refresher sessions will be held on the first Saturdays of most months, and anyone with mindfulness experience is welcome to join us. The next mindfulness refresher session will be held January 5th, 9:30 – 11:00 am, at the Center for Rehabilitative Care in Chapel Hill, NC.

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