When you work with Pathfinders Coaching and Educational Services, most educational presentations typically go through four phases:

  • assessing needs
  • designing content
  • conducting the presentation
  • evaluating effectiveness and determining follow-up.

We meet with you, either in-person or via telephone, to assess your needs and to evaluate what parameters affect the scope of our services. Here is a sampling of the kinds of questions we might ask you:

  • What is your desired outcome from this project or program?
  • What is important to you when hiring services such as ours?
  • What are your challenges in putting together this project or program?
  • Will the program be held on-site or off-site?
  • What can we do to help make your decision-making process easier?

We would then discuss the focus, format, duration, and fees that are appropriate for your situation. If more information is needed, we would send you a pre-program questionnaire with the intention of creating a customized presentation.

Presentations can range from short motivational or educational speeches to single seminars to multi-day workshops and classes with lectures, handouts, and a strong emphasis on active participation. We usually teach on-site, although off-site facilities may be arranged and may be more appropriate for some topics.

Formal evaluations are offered at the conclusion of the program. Follow-up discussions are scheduled to ensure that you received what was agreed upon and to evaluate effectiveness. Successive programs may be arranged, once the value of our service is validated.

Please click here for a list of our educational presentations. Or contact us for a free consultation.