Pathfinders Coaching and Educational Services works with companies, organizations, and individuals who face situations similar to the following:

Your business considers its employees a valuable resource to preserve.

Are you utilizing the same number of workers to do more work to contain costs? Do you want to increase productivity and maintain the sanity of your employees? Are you wondering how you can improve the health of your employees and decrease your health care costs?

Your business has a valuable employee with growth potential.

Are you willing to find a way to enable this future star to overcome his or her limitations to achieve personal and professional success?

Conflict is eroding the effectiveness of individuals or teams.

Are some of your employees failing to get along and to collaborate on projects? Is their friction beginning to erode both their effectiveness and the contributions of other employees? How can productivity be improved through cooperation and teamwork?

Don’t let your life, your business, or your employees suffer needlessly. Find out how Pathfinders Coaching and Educational Services can help you through our educational seminars and group coaching.

We invite you to learn about our approach and how we would work with you.

  • The teaching was clear and pointed and specific. The experiential learning was very effective. The discussion was always kept on track. People are so hungry for this, for peace and gentle kindness.

    anonymous MBSR participant