Stress Tip #207: Good Intentions in a Complex World

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We are complex creatures, buffeted by influences from inside and outside ourselves. We can sense the myriad factors that influence us, but detecting and understanding what drives others can be challenging simply because we can’t read each other’s minds. It’s possible that we can be more compassionate with ourselves, we can be more curious and patient with others, and we can try to figure out how to work together in an imperfect world. As you well know, this is more easily said than done. Good places to start are by pausing and breathing before acting or speaking, asking others to share their perspectives, listening deeply so that they feel heard and we understand them, and not seeking permanent solutions too quickly. Although others may not follow our lead every time, successful relationships are more likely when we act consistent with our good intentions. I suggest reminding ourselves of those good places to start every morning before we engage with the world.

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