Do you feel like you could get into action if only you were clear about what you really want?Or do you know what you want but find it difficult to remain focused and on track?

Can you see how your life would be more fulfilling if you simply had a structure that would support your best intentions?

Do you find that work or life is difficult and hard,and you long to be like others who have golden opportunities and good luck?

Are you ready to play the most meaningful game of your life?

Co-active Coaching is a powerful partnership designed to deepen your lifelong learning and to promote relevant action toward your personal and professional fulfillment:

  • Discover strategies for success that are modeled on the winning behavior of those with admirable achievements
  • Reprogram yourself to make choices that support your purpose and goals
  • Develop the confidence and self-esteem to draw on your internal resourcefulness
  • Find your unique voice and contribution to business, life, and the world
  • Learn how to self-coach and manage yourself to achieve what you want.

Benefits and Goals

We work with you in many areas of your life – including career, health, and relationships – while recognizing that any one area is a part of the whole. Whether you are a business owner or employee, a student or an educator, by working with your coach you will set more powerful goals, take more effective action, make clearer decisions, and more fully use your natural strengths. We are trained to listen, to observe, and to tailor our approach to your needs. Through provocative questioning and patient skill-building, you can uncover the internal and external resources that support your success.

Some of the benefits our clients have experienced from co-active coaching are:

  • Clarifying needs, desires, and goals
  • Completing long-delayed projects
  • Learning to communicate in collaborative and empowering ways
  • Creating a committed physical-and-spiritual practice
  • Balancing physical, psychological, and spiritual needs
  • Increasing levels of self-awareness and confidence toward making choices
  • Optimizing health and well-being
  • Living with more passion, creativity, equanimity, and joy

What will my experience be like?

When you agree to work with Pathfinders Coaching and Educational Services, we will meet privately with you and conduct an initial intake session to establish a professional relationship and expectations. The details, goals, and parameters are explored during this one-hour session; co-active coaching is structured around your needs rather than the coach’s agenda. Successive 30-minute coaching sessions are held via telephone twice a month and include unlimited email contact. You may identify your values and purpose, generate new perspectives, implement action plans, and evaluate your progress. All information, including your identity, is kept strictly confidential.

Co-active Coaching may also take the form of group sessions where the team members are encouraged to be resourceful and creative and supportive of each other.

Our certified professional coaches invite you to experience a complimentary coaching session by telephone for you to focus on a challenge in your life. Please contact us to schedule your free session.

Co-active Coaching assumes that functional adults have all the resources they need to solve their problems and that they can learn how to best utilize those resources. Given the space and encouragement to discover these resources, they are more likely to find solutions that are congruent with who they are. These solutions are therefore much more likely to be ones to which they are committed and which will work to produce the outcomes they want. Our job as coaches is to help them:

  • clarify what they want
  • make meaningful and supportive choices
  • stay on track while heading in their chosen direction
  • and process their experiences in such a way that empowers them and nurtures confidence.

Through coaching, you can be more proactive in relation to change and to challenges. You are better able to take charge of your life and to be an outstanding leader.

Please contact us for more information and about fees for coaching services

  • “I feel better because I think I now know and understand where I want to go and how to get there.”

    anonymous participant